Word on the street is a new center for Narconon is being opened in the UK.  We thought this was a perfect time to approach them again and see is the rumor true. Enter the field Wayne Carr a father with TWO problem children and a bag load of cash and Lucy Skirrow  Director at Narconon Drug Prevention & Education UK.  Let the bait commence.



Could you send me information on your program
Can you also tell me where your treatment center is based in the UK?


Hi I just run the drug prevention and Education but if you go to the link below it will tell you all about our rehab programme.  This is the American international site but the programme will be the same in the UK

Unfortunately the centre is not quite open in the UK but very nearly!  It should be the end of May.   It is in East Sussex near Heathfield.


Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Best wishes


So its not quite open but nearly! hmmmm lets press on this a little more and make out we are close to heathfield.


Hi Lucy,

Heathfield really? thats close to where I am. Do you know exactly where?
Do you have costing for the program?


Yes really.
Yes I do know where exactly.  Very close to Horam.
There should be a costing very shortly!
Best wishes


Horam! how very lucky we live just down the road! what a coincidence 😀 well best share the good news and try to address the problem children we have.


Hi Lucy,

Many thanks that is close. would appreciate costs involved and if I could speak to someone about the “problem” we have.
Thanks for your quick reply we really don’t know what to do with out situation and you were recommended to us




quick as a flash she replied..sugar


Hi Wayne,
Are you a parent?


Hi Lucy,


Yes am am the parent of two children with an issue.


Lucy then proceeded to send me the usual Narconon crap they email people and a promise to get the pricing for me


this is for you to be going on with.  If you send me your address I will send you some info booklets for you and them. (Education could really help them too)  I will get the costing to you asap and you should go there as soon as it opens and find out more.
All the best




Well how could I turn down the offer of some literature to be sent to me, sorry I mean the chip shop! want salt and vinegar with that?


Hi Lucy,

Thanks for the information there is a lot to go through. We have two children and they have a problem.chippy
We are not very clued up to all these street terms and what the kids are on but they are clearly
having issues.


Again you were recommended and if you could forward the details asap for the new center in uk
that would be great.


Here is an address to send me
Wayne Carr
30 The Broadway, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

*Update* Location of the proposed center.

Grange Court, Maynards Green

After a long weekend of watching the kids behave strange, I thought I  better prod her a bit into action as I heard no word and thought maybe the gag was up.


Thanks Lucy,

We are urgently trying to get them to a center. I think i’ll have to look around and see what other things we can do. But if its end of month we could probably try to wait.prod



Noticing my Urgency she replied.

Ok. I have just been told it will be opening at the end of May.

I will try to get you a cost also asap.   How old are they and what are they taking?

Best wishes



Ok so now she is taking a bit of interest and asking questions and I am happy to reply! 😀






Hi Lucy,

 Ok so around the 31st of May.
They are 14-16 and I found packets of things in their laundry and other places.


I believe from the packaging some of it is these legal high things. But i’m sure they are smoking dope and something called whippets?!?


If you could get me costing as soon as possible it would be appreciated.




(And hopefully a street slang terminology of Whippets.)

And here it is!

I will send you a little booklet to help you for the time being.  Are they talking to you about it? In denial?”Whippet” or “whippets” is/are a street-term for small canisters (usually used for making whipped cream at home or in restaurants) containing Nitrous oxide (N2O), or more commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’. Other than purity (which ranges from automotive, food, and medical grade) you are inhaling the same gas you would get at a dentist, except in a far small quantity.The greatest risk in using this drug is the threat of suffocation due to lack of oxygen (and not from the drug itself).Here is a free download also which you might want to show them.  Most kids just do not understand what the drugs do.  (Adults too!)  Treat them like adults if they are going to do something they should study it and find out all about it.   Most drugs dull sex-drive eventually etc – Not just the dealers viewpoint.



Best wishes


Well now thats shocking! laughable yet shocking!


Hi Lucy!

Whippets is really that! well i’m glad its not toxic in the sense but understand its dangers now. thank you.
I will look forward to the booklet you are sending me.bentines
I looked on some of these legal high substance packets I found.
One says Bozboz on it and the other says Yellow Bentines.
are you familiar with these?
Its very hard to speak to them about it a and they just say we are stupid and that they don’t take anything.

thank you so much for your help



It can be so confusing the name of this stuff so heres a helper to the readers here about bozboz and Yellow Bentines



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